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Saturday, February 12, 2011

[TRANS] 110210 U-Know Yunho Admits "Every Performance, I Worry That I'll Get Hit By Changmin"

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho admitted that he would get nervous everytime he got on stage with Choikang Changmin because he worried he might get hit.

U-Know Yunho, who appeared on 'Happy Together 3' on the 10th, confessed that, "When we go on stage to perform our new song 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)', there's a part in the performance where it looks like Choikang Changmin and I are fighting. Choikang Changmin would hit my chest with no mercy during the actual performance though he hadn't done anything of the sort while we had been rehearsing. It hurt a lot."

Choikang Changmin's action hurt so much that U-Know Yunho had to go up to him and ask, "Changmin, please don't hit me too hard."

The younger member agreed to U-Know Yunho's plea and began pushing the latter's chest instead of hitting it. But U-Know Yunho admitted that he still feels nervous whenever he gets on stage to perform the song.

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[TRAD] 110210 U-Know Yunho Admite Que "Cada Vez Que Performo, Me Preocupa Que Salir Golpeado Por Changmin

U-Know Yunho de TVXQ admitió que se pone nervioso cada vez que está sobre el escenairo con Choikang Changmin por que se preocupa de que él podría salir golpeado.

U-Know Yunho, quien apareció en 'Happy Together 3' el día 10, confesó que, "Cuando vamos al escenario para performar nuestra nueva canción 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)', hay una parte en la presenta donde parece como que Choikang Changmin y yo estamos peliando. Choikang Changmin golpeaba mi pecho sin piedad durante la actual presentación a pesar de que no había hecha nada de eso durante ensayábamos. Duele mucho."

La acción de Choikang Changmin dolía tanto que U-Know Yunho tuvo que pedirle, "Changmin, por favor no me golpees tan duro."

El miembro más joven estuvo de acuerdo con el motivo de U-Know Yunho y comenzó a empujarlo en el pecho en vez de golpearlo. Pero U-Know Yunho admitió que aún se siente nervioso siempre que va al escenario a performar la canción.

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