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Thursday, July 24, 2008

[Trans+Audio]Bigeastation 32: Tvxq ways of proposing to girls!

[Changmin] By the influence of my Korean girlfriend, I've become a THSK fan.
[Yoochun, Junsu] Ehh? Thank you!
[Changmin] We've been together for 4 years already, I'm planning to propose to her.
[Yoochun] (cheers)
[Changmin] My problem is that I completely cant speak Korean, yet I want to make this an unforgettable memory by proposing to her in Korean. Please demonstrate a cool and touching proposal that I can use so that she would give me an 'ok'.
[Junsu] Lets say it in Korean one after another.
[Changmin] One each?
[Junsu] Yes..
[Changmin, Yoochun] Junsu first.
[Junsu] For me, "Can't I be the one?" (Ore ja dame ka?) ***u r the one!!**
[Yoochun] (laughs)
[Junsu] "Can't I be the one?". Isn't it good?
[Yoochun] (laugh) What's good?
[Changmin] It's a little... too good.
[Junsu] "Can't I be the one?" in Korean is "Nan andwe getni?"
[Changmin] No way!
[Yoochun] If it's Junsu, then NO!
[Yoochun, Changmin] If it's Junsu, definitely NO!
[Junsu] Yoochun?
[Yoochun] Mine is... for example, "From now on I'll give you a morning kiss when I wake up in the morning"
[Junsu] Ooh! In a straightforward way?
[Yoochun] That feeling.
[Changmin] Say it in Korean.
[Yoochun] "Maeil achimae Morning Kiss he jugoshipuh"
[Changmin] Hmm. Mine's very ordinary though. "Will you marry me?", "na wa kyeolhon haejwo".
[Junsu] Awwww!
[Yoochun] If you mis all of this, "Can't I be the one?", "I want to give you a morning kiss" and "will you marry me?" ... hahahah!
[Yoochun, Junsu] They're not bad at all!
[Changmin] Really, please give your best shot!
[Yoochun] Yes, please do your best!
[Junsu] That's the talent of guys.
[Changmin] HAHAH. What was that?
[Junsu] Anyway, we'll end here today!
trans cr: goe

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