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Saturday, February 28, 2009

[PICS] 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic "Yuchun"

Credits: OhMicky
shared by: 2uAngels

Friday, February 27, 2009

[TRANS] 090226 ~ 090227 Homin UFO Replies

Yunho's Replies~

Fan : It was my birthday yesterday Please wish me!! TT Will you wish me?
Yunho : Although it's a little late but Happy Birthday! ^_^ From today onwards, I pray for your happiness ^_^

Fan : Checkmate
Yunho : You use romantic words that make me dizzy...Our love starts now~*
(Yunho's reply is Checkmate's lyrics)

Fan : Oppa you're revealing too it for me?
Yunho : Oh~~ Too wild~~

Fan : Waiting for you oppas...i'll..!! If I study hard enough, I'll definitely be Junsu's nurse!! If you're sick..come to me??
Yunho : Okay...^_^ But please don't hurt me when you give me an injection~

Fan : Can you see it? Can you feel it? Our love for TVXQ
Yunho : I felt it...^_^ Did you feel it? (TVXQ's love)

Fan : Oppa if I go to your university, will you go on a date with me??
Yunho : How??

ChangMin's replies~

Fan : Who does oppa belong to??? ME~~~
ChangMin : No way

Fan : Anything to say?
ChangMin : Nope

Fan : Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll think of myself as the dancer in Checkmate forever!!!
ChangMin : That's not possible~ Haha~

Fan : Do you remember? I really miss that time~
ChangMin : Hehehehe

Fan : Oppa ah^^ Today I was late to school TT Tell me to work harder~ Goodnight~
ChangMin : Work harder^^

Fan : Who are you thinking of now? I thinking of YOU.
ChangMin : ^^

Fan : The concert is over~~ I'm depressed TTTT
ChangMin : ; ; ; ;

Fan : Oppa I want to be your bed in your room for just a day
ChangMin : No way

Fan : I'm begging you...........please reply...........please show yourself!
ChangMin : ^^ okay...hehe

Fan : As expected, oppa looks most handsome singing!! hehehe
ChangMin : Thank you^^

Fan : I wish for you to have God's grace and blessings ^^
ChangMin : ^^ You too ^^

Fan : I must fulfill my dreams...Oppa you're my witness alright?^^ See you in 10 years oppa~
ChangMin : I'm waiting~ hehe

Fan : Do you want your youth to be blown away with this wind today?
ChangMin : What are you talking about?

Fan : I just need to grow a little taller and I can catch up with oppas! I'm already 170~~
ChangMin : 170 is good for a girl!

(These are from the same fan)

Fan :
Sometimes sexy Sometimes pure Sometimes passionate~ Yunho's charm is the best!! ^^
Yunho : Me?? Best charm?? Wow I feel really good uhuhu

Fan :
As tall as the sky...I can't reach your hand...As pure and clean as the sky...Jung Yun Ho ^^
Yunho : the sky a lot ^_^ Close your's just like flying~

(These are from a male fan 8D)

Fan :
Because of Yunho, I study extremely hard...How can you do this to me? It's too much...
Yunho : What's wrong??

Fan :
Please cheer for me...tell me to study...Then I can meet you...TTT
Yunho : You have to work hard! I'm waiting for you! ^_^

ChangMin : I wanna cheer for you too! Fighting! Although results and happiness aren't on the same scale of importance, but make studies your main aim for now~

Fan : I'll see you on stage then! Qi Zuo Zhen(fan's name) VS Jung Yunho~!! Cool? ^_^
Yunho : Okay^^ Please take care~

Credits : OhMicky
Translated by : Choco@TVXQFever
Please take out with full credits

[PICS] Yuchun- Endorsing pics

credits: as tagged+ DNBN
Shared by: 2uAngels

[SCANS] B-pass April 2009

credits: as tagged + dnbn
Shared by: 2uAngels

[SCANS] 3rd Bigeast FanMeeting "Yuchun"

Credits: BeyondYuchun
Shared by: 2uAngels

Thursday, February 26, 2009

[SCANS] JJ Magazine February 2009 *2U*

omg! *O*, these photos make me sooo happy *dancing*
I missed so much 2U T^T , so adorable they both ♥♥♥♥♥

Credits: 紫丁香花~Murasaki-Hashidoi~
Shared by: 2uAngels

Thursday, February 19, 2009

[VDO] BOLERO MV (movie Version)

BOLERO MV (movie Version) - DBSKsleeplessNights

Credits: DBSKsleeplessNights @Imeen

[VDO] News YTN Star News SM Live Thailand 090218

Credits: Soshicrush @yt

[INFO] 27th Japanese Single [Share The World/ウィーアー! - OnePiece]


Release Date: 2009/04/08
Item number: RZCD-46211
Label: rhythm zone

1 Share The World
2 ウィーアー! [We are!]
3 明日は来るから *보너스트랙
4 Share The World(Less Vocal)
5 ウィーアー![We are!](Less Vocal)
6 악곡 미정(remix)

12P Limited Edition booklet


Release Date: 2009/04/08
Item number: RZCD-46211
Label: rhythm zone

1 Share The World
2 ウィーアー! [we are!]
3 明日は来るから [coming tomorrow?] *bonus track
4 Share The World(Less Vocal)
5 ウィーアー!(Less Vocal)

DVD attachment

[DVD more information]
-Share The World (PV)
- shot off benefits video
- Off shot ※ first privilege image

* ウィーアー! [We are!] is the Opening them song of One Piece*

credits: DNBN
Shared by: 2uAngels

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

[SCANS] Ontama Carnival 2009 "Yuchun"

ah~Yuchunnie soooooo adorableeee!!
I love how he looks like here ^O^

Credits: as tagged+ DNBN
Shared by: 2uAngels
Please take out with full credits^^

[AUDIO] Preview 26th Single Survivor

Preview 26th Single Survivor - TVXQ

Credits: DNBN + Always JaeJoong
shared by: 2uAngels


1. Opening
2. Wrong Number
3. Are You A Good Girl?
4. Break - Instrument.
5. Beautiful Life
6. Would You be My Girlfriend?
7. Flower Lady
8. Love by Love
9. Opening Greeting
10. Rainbow

11. Hero Jaejoong’s solo: Forgotten Season
12. U-Know Yunho’s solo: title unknown, his own self composed dance track
13. Break - Instrument.
14. Small Confession
15. Thanks To
16. Don’t Cry My Lover
17. Break - Instrument.
18. Insa (or b’day party)
19. MC-ing part
20. Micky Yoochun’s solo: All in Vain
21. Max Changmin’s solo: not yet determined
22. Xiah Junsu’s solo: XIAHTIC (feat SHINee’s Key)
23. Purple Line
24. Rising Sun
25. Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down)
26. Break - Instrument.
28. Break - Instrument.
29. On and On
30. Don’t Say Good Bye
31. Ending MC part
32. Love is…
33. Crazy Love
34. Image History
35. Love In The Ice
36. Encore

source: korean blog + heyjj + hoobs + TVXQindo
trans: Misu@TVXQindo
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + DBSKnights+2uAngels