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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[CAPS] NHK Kohaku Utagassen 08.12.31

Credits: as tagged+ Baidu + DNBN
Re_up: 2uangels

[VDO]081231 CDTV DBSK - Purple Line


[NEWS] TVXQ, Big Bang Ministers of Culture and Tourism Sports Recognition

[NEWSEN News] The Physical Culture and Tourism Ministry will be awarding recognition to the two Idol ministers TVXQ and Big Bang.

Korea's Culture and Tourism industry in 2008 had selected the artists Big Bang and TVXQ as both contributing the most to the Culture Industry. Every end of the year the Physical Culture and Tourism Ministry selects and merits an award presented to the one contributing most to the field of Physical Culture in Tourism.

A statement from the ministry says "Big Bang and TVXQ has been actively participating in activities at home and abroad in places as Japan and across SouthEast Asia with enourmous performances. The two in South Korea's pop music world had been established as an icon in their own concessions." and "Both has changed the music market's recession by having the most number of sales increasing due to activities not only here but also abroad, so the spotlight was on them. Especially considering that in the overseas popularity of the most popular groups in Asia was born in Korea." This was the reason they gave the recognition award.

Their "visual charm and force as a dance and singer popular idol in addition to making their own music as lyricist or composer of their own made song has to be recognized."

Trans: Fangirlmitz
shared by: 2uAngels

[AUDIO]Bigeastation 92 [Eng.Sub]

Part 1

Part 2

[VDO] NHK Kohaku Utagassen 08.12.31


Purple Line + Doushite

Credits: Dopamine + DNBN +squeakazoinks@youtube

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[News] MIROTIC Sold 500,000

[SBS News] After riding out number 1 album sales in Japan and Korea, and never stopping perfomances on stage, TVXQ has been taking the lead.

Presently there was the issue of the recession on the music market, but TVXQ had already sold 50million (500,000) pieces for their album.

[Yunho/TVXQ: TVXQ has been working hard this year, particularly, in the music industry. We are actively participating in the music market so we are proud and we'd have to work even harder [for the fans] ....]

So for the music industry, the recession had been kept transforming.

The first single to be released from the album that sold well or multiple team members sharing a group activity is considered a universal phenomenon.

The music market this year is expected, despite difficulties, to establish a breakthrough in the long recession due to the country's popular singers.

Source: SBS
Translated by: fangirlmitz
Vdo: XiahKing+ Yunise87@youtube
Shared by: 2u Angels
Please take out With full credits^^

[VDO]081230 TBS The 50th Japan Record Awards


Credits: Ponko + xSugar0Honeyx@youtube

Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?

HQ Here

Credits: xxhatuki0126xx@youtube

[PICS]TVXQ-Kohaku Utagassen Rehersal

Credits: 쇼크 @DNBN + 2uAngels
Please take out with full credits ^^

[INFO]"New Japanese Single (3/11) + Album (3/18)"

2009년 3월 둘째주 (3/9~3/15)
Second week of Mar. 2009 (3/9~3/15)

- Single (3/11)


타이틀 미정
Title undetermined

CD 1,050엔
CD+DVD 1,890엔


2009년 3월 셋째주 (3/16~3/22)
Third week of Mar. 2009 (3/16~3/22)

- Album (3/18)


타이틀 미정
Title undetermined

CD 2,800엔
2CD 3,500엔
2CD+DVD 5,040엔
shared by: 2uAngels

[VDO]TVXQ-50th Japan Award Record 08.12.30



credits: Ponkko+bestiz + farahmicky4@youtube

[PICS] TVXQ-Gimpo Airport 08.12.30

Go to Japan

they look really tired T.T

Credits: TVXQ Event [IloveKad/Chuubee/Z-rerbum/Emmy]
Shared by: 2uAngels
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