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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

[TRANS] TOKYO FM Docomo Dream Call

The long-awaited live phone call with celebrities! The show that allows you to interact through telephone live with your favourite celebrities, "Dream Call", has invited guests Tohoshinki today!! All 5 of them have arrived to record this event. How will this "Dream Call" turn out to be like?

Radio name "Naomi": Please tell me what are the trendy things within THSK now, if there are any.
YH: Playing table tennis online.
DJ: Who's best at table tennis in real life?
All: JJ.

Radio name "Kayo": I am going to be a university student starting this April, and I feel really nervous and unsettled now. How did THSK members overcome this problem?
JS: Don't feel unsettled. Everything will be fine if you have a positive attitude!

This didn't exactly seem to answer the question, so the DJ asked how they prepared for a performance. They said they would "cheer together with the staff and dancers". The boys were then asked to perform the cheer, which goes like "Toho, Toho, Tohoshinki fighting!" But the sad thing was, only one person- CM- did it. The others all did it "softly". Finally, everyone did a cheer for Kayo- "Kayo, Kayo, Kayo fighting!" Please do your best to overcome it.

[Listener's Review]

Listeners were asked to talk about their views on the triple A side single release on 21st Jan, "Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide".
Radio name "Kasumi": The layering and harmonization of all 5 members' voices in "Bolero" made the song very grand, and one doesn't get sick of the song even after listening to it repeatedly. I gain a lot of strength from listening to it when I feel down! The first time I heard "Kiss the Baby Sky", I thought, "YC is such a genius!" and that it was a song which really suited the morning atmosphere. "Wasurenaide" on the other hand, is a really sad song and listening to it makes me feel like crying sometimes. Did JJ ever have such a tragic love?

JJ: When you understand love, there is both happiness and sadness. I just included memories from all my experiences.
YC: With your mother?


Things or troubles you want to discuss with THSK.
Radio name "rie": I'm a person who doesn't follow through and loses passion for the things that I do. Please tell me how to finish up with a job without feeling bored!
To this, the members all said"Junsu is also a person who doesn't follow through with the things he does!" or "I'm a person who loses passion after a week as well!" etc etc.

Seems like THSK members also have a problem with lasting through a task. What rie had problems with continuing was muscle training and losing weight. Girls probably have all had that kind of experience. Junsu mentioned that he had an experience with dieting as well. But, why would Junsu want to lose weight?!?!

JS: Although my body isn't fat at all, my face puffs up immediately if I don't take care. I see, appearances are indeed very important to artistes.

So THSK suggested to rie, "eating egg whites are really good for muscle training!" Don't know if rie really understood the method to last through her endeavours?JJ said "Its okay even if your passion lasts just 3 days. Recognising your goal and working towards it is already very important and great in itself."

[Special Call]

A phone call conversation with THSK limited to listeners who, similar to THSK, like anime.
Radio name "Saya": I really like "Dress" (Russian anime), and I even cry while reading it sometimes. Have you guys had such experiences?

Junsu had cried while reading "Dragon Ball", seems like it was "time when the Monkey God (Sun Wukong) died". YC also cried reading "Dragon Ball", and CM cried during "Slam Dunk". Some of the other comics YH recommended included, "Subaru, even though we hadn't read this comic before, we heard that its a really good one. And, yeah, its movie version is being made into a film now, and its the one "Bolero" is a theme for." Please look forward to it!

credit: jae_s宣传の琦 @baidu
translated by: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero
Shared by: 2uAngels

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