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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[News] 090207 Adamas replied the comments about SMTown Live in Bangkok

It’s more like a conclusion from SMTOWN official site.


I hope not to see my trans without a proper credit on any other site.

Adamas will broadcast the record of SM festival live’08 in Bangkok on Channel 7 (209/02/23 and 2009/02/24 at 10:30pm - 00:30am)

*We are really sorry for our sitting seat and the VIP seat zone
-We couldn’t really control everyone to sit (other countries got more problem than us)

*Concert has been delayed
-Adamas tried our best to make it on time because the aritsit gotta go back on that night. So SM kinda rushed the artists to perform on the stage. If you notice, the artists did continue performing so fast. And at the break time, normally it’s 30 - 40 mins but in Bangkok the artists took a break less than 20 mins.

*Concert finished too soon
-SM forced us to finish the concert before 10pm

*The amounts of the songs are less than any other place?
-Not true! If you counted it’s nearly the same. Adamas felt really sorry for the artists. Remember double attack from DBSK + SJ? The boys performed non stop dance songs. We saw some of them nearly lied/bended down on the floor cuz they were too tired. But in front of the stage you gotta see their smile only.

-The fact that DBSK arrived to Banngkok around 1am and went to bed around 3am, got up in the morning for the rehearsal. And it’s sooo damn sunny and so damn hot during the rehearsal (The boys skin turn so red) But they gave it 100% on the rehearsal cuz there were so many new performance on the stage.

-Heechul was so sick but he got better at the concert (he did it for all the fans) Siwon’s leg got hurt but no one noticed that on the stage (after the concert he sat down on the floor) We really wanna cry for SM artists spririts.

*DBSK balloon cheercode project fail?
-No comments lol

*The sound wasn’t that good
-Adamas did bring all of our best speakers, but it’s still not enough

-The sound wasn’t clear at some spot becuase the Korean staff mix their voice and our speakers

-Next time we’ll bring the screen from Korea cuz this is the biggest we found in Thailand (for high pixel like this)

*Very thanks for Thai ticket major for refunding CSJH fans.

News: smtowninbangkok
Pic: DNBN +as tagged
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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