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Thursday, January 29, 2009

[News] Bpass Magazine February Interview

Next, the interview is on their new projects, and a recap of 2008 where they made huge progress. DBSK continues to have our attention on them with their 4th album coming out in March as well as Nationwide Arena Tour, which will kickstart in May.

Did you guys benefit from the recording [of Bolero]?
JJ: I mostly heard my own voice when we were recording. After that, it was really important to listen to the others’ voices and sounds. I got a shock when I heard Yoochun’s high note at the part where we all did a falsetto.
YC: Thank you.

Was that part YC’s idea?
YC: Initially, I used a lower key than what was in the CD, but the feelings couldn’t really flow. So I tried using a higher key after listening to the CD…
JS: Genius, genius ah.
YC: No, no. *laughs* Even so, my idea’s not that bad.
YH: Indeed he’s a genius.
JJ: Genius.

Genius ah! *laughs* What is Junsu’s impression towards Bolero?
JS: Singing it personally, I thought it was a really impressive/grand song. Simply singing it made me feel better. The entire melody was well written, and even the beat was very unique. The arrangement was interesting as well. The PV shooting also left a deep impression on me, because we were singing the entire day, from morning til night. That’s how we managed to come up with a PV that has a very strong “live” sense.

What about Changmin?
The composers were the exactly the same as the ones who wrote “Love in the Ice”, and the song has the same sense of grandeur as LITI. I think its an excellent song, and singing it makes me feel better. I look forward to singing it live.

I hope to hear the live version as well. I’m especially looking forward to the “genius” part.
YC: I’m really worried.

Is that so?!
YC: I’ve really got to practice. Put in hard work *laughs*

Along with Bolero, there are 2 other songs in this Triple A side single, one composed by Yoochun and the other by Jaejoong.
YC: My song’s the B-side song.
JJ: Then, my song is the “Ramen” song. (”side” and “noodles” have the same pronounciation xD)
*all burst out laughing*

JS: Ramen! *laughs*

Then, “Bolero” is the A-side song (A-mian), “Kiss the Baby Sky” is B-side(B-mian), and “Wasurenaide” is Ramen (La-mian). Alright, so now let’s talk about Yoochun’s “Kiss the Baby Sky”.

How’s the general impression?
It feels really great, although the lyrics sound kind of urgent, the melody is lively. Even so, I think this difference is YC’s style.
CM: It’s a good song. There are many falsetto parts, which is also the feeling YC gives others.
JS: Its a song that makes one feel urgent yet happy. Its one of the rare, classic DBSK songs. The repeated lines were sung in falsetto, which is YC’s style; I think it really fits the song. I sing the part after the first verse and the repeated lines, which you can sing after listening to the song just a little. Listen carefully and you can feel it.
JJ: When I was listening to it, I thought, “YC’s a genius!”

Then, the third song, “Wasurenaide”.
YC: It would be an unforgettable song even if it was titled “Please Forget”.
JJ: I had thought “I hope it can be included in the Japanese album” since the initial composition began.

DBSK’s single uses songs to express 3 different kinds of love. There are many songs about love; now what colour would you use to express your ideal kind of love?
YH: I would use white.
JJ: I’d definitely use red. Its the colour of passion.
YC: I’d use black. Two parties meet in black, and when they do, many other colours come out of it. When the love deepens, you can then find the colour in which the love ends.
YH: No, I think its white. A pure heart would be the truest.
CM: I’d think its blue. You focus on the other party and don’t see anything else around you, that’s the kind of image.

Lastly, Junsu…
JS: Love is transparent.
YC: No colour?
JS: No. When two people meet, the colour spreads little by little, as if it had dropped into the water.
YC: Unlike mine?
JS: No. You wouldn’t be able to see any colour that’s on top of black, right? But you can see all the colours added onto something that’s transparent. If it doesn’t turn out well, you see black; if it does, it become white; when its passionate, its red; and it becomes green like grass when you’re having fun. I think its rather nice to have it constantly changing.
YC: Your explanation makes it sound so meaningful.
JS: Exactly, exactly! Love should be truthful/honest. If you look at it from the angle that love must be honest and trusting, then its transparent.

What do you hope to achieve in 2009, then?
JS: I want to read more than I did in 08.
CM: I want to read more books too. I’d read whenever I had time in 08. Be it novels or short stories, I hope to read more.
YC: I’d want to go travelling with my family. If I can, I’d go to Switzerland, and Europe.
JJ: I’d want to become busier. I feel less muddled when I’m busy; and I want to become more passionate by passionately facing what I do everyday. It feels great to be busier and to receive more care and concern when I’m young. I also would like to challenge some new things, and I’d want my wishes to come true.
YH: I’d like to build up some more experiences as well. First would be snowboarding. Although going for a drive or exercising relieves stress, I’m really into snowboarding now, so I’d like to go snowboarding this year.

So, what is it that DBSK hopes to achieve in 2009? Can the leader please tell us?
YH: Firstly, we would like to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome. We had promised to “see everyone in a larger venue” in our Arena Tour, so we hope to achieve that by holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome. Other than that, we hope to take part in many different kinds of activities and to have more chances to meet our fans.

Takeout with full credits.
Source: 流川梓@Tieba.Baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@Xietinloveshero
Shared by: 2uAngels

[translator's note: I only translated parts which were funnier/ more interesting, cuz the rest were just usual/ repeated stuff; the article was like really long.]

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