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Friday, August 22, 2008

[TRANSLATION] Bigeastation 73 ~ Part 1♥

73th bigeastation is with DJ,jaejung,yuchon,changmin
tender passion,tituation,loving you, it's how to expression in korean language?

to - to - to - to - tohoshinki bigeastation!

jaejung tohoshinki bigeastation. today's progress is
jaejung with
changmin and

everyone: jut ju~ jajaja

jaejung: today is something special, by the way
junsu was told we about scary story
changmin also want tell a scary story

yuchon: really?
changmin: yeah.. yes
last time junsu's story was not scary, completely not scary
honestly my story is not scary so much.
(join yuchon) at least more scary than junsu's story
yuchon:(scary degree is) level up!)

jaejung: whatever he trust himself so much!
changmin: no~~~it's not a self confidence but....
jaejung: maybe can we have a expetation?
changmin: do that? first of all.advance is...
jaejung: ah jaja. well. changmin please
changmin: it's my experience story...can you remember "beautiful you"'s pv(music vodeo)?
this story is when the make a that film, that time's story
when the end of make the film we say to step "thank you so much for ur support,
thank you so much for ur support"and then we go to waiting room, there r exist a
dark way.that time i was walked that way fastly for the wear in other cloth
so i was first, there are not have any person
but when i walked, there i watched something, that is no of cat or dog
that seems to be real human. that was passed by my body,so i was suprised
i was shouted"houuuk"
yuchon: i couldn't watched anything..
jaejung: maybe that was illusion
changmin: eujajajajaja(laught)
yuchon: that isn't junsu?
changmin: no no no no ,no but....
jaejung: everyone, how about changmin's scary story?
hmm maybe, that was illusion. that time was night... it isn't it?
yuchon: hey that was not junsu? really?
changmin: (seems to be abandonment)maybe that time was too late so...
jae jung: (not a ghost)other, like a bird..
yuchon: bird....bird.... jajajaja(laught)
changmin: that was not a bird. that was so huge...
jaejung: maybe that was huge bird. that..
changmin: yes i see..?
jaejung: well, this is todays opening song
dbsk's "¾î°¼­ ±×´ë¸¦ ÁÁ¾Æ ÇÏ°Ô µÅ ¹ö¸°°É±î(why i gonna be loving you)"

*Please take out with full credits*
credits:dnbn +
English trans: ParkHyunkeun@2uangels.blogspot

*** *** *** *** ***
Thanks a lot big brother for the Transalation ^0^
really you r the best ~♥ Fighting!!

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