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Sunday, August 17, 2008

[Translation] Toho-Psychology Bigeast 72

U-know: I'll start. Radio name __ san, question is: it's late evening and you are talking a stroll... someone is walking behind (with) you. who is it? please choose one acquaintance.
Jaejoong: only one?
U-know: yup. just one.
Junsu: taking a stroll together?....
U-know: mm.. so who will it be?
Jaejoong: for me... i think it'll be changmin
U-know: Changmin!
Jaejoong: yea. Changmin.
U-know: OKay. understood.
Jaejoong: ahhhh. why are u smiling like that??!! what does that mean...~~
Junsu: for me... i'll think of uknow
U-know: me? ... why? ... hahahhaa
Junsu: just feels....
U-know: okay okay. understood~
Junsu:so what does it mean?
U-know: the answer is!... the person u chose is the one person you really like!
*all three gasp* AHHHHH!
Jaejoong: CHANGMIN!!! (are u listening in?) DID U HEAR THAT??? CHANGMIN~~ !!!!
U-know: ahh.. junsu chose me~ ah. as expected, junsu... junsu sure is well-mannered ne? (??? i think it's suppose to be along the lines of "junsu sure knows how to choose")
Junsu:i seriously just thought of u-know straight away! ~ maybe to me, u-know is.... (^^~)
Jaejoong: ahhhh. maybe this psychology test is wrong!
U-know: why? why do you...
Junsu: but that's true! when u think of jaejoong.. jaejoong and changmin??.. zzztt..we'll never expect him to like changmin best right! it makes absolutely no sense!
U-know: But inside his heart, deep inside his heart... maybe he really likes changmin~
Junsu:AH! I get it! on the surface he PRETENDS to be at loggerheads with changmin, but in reality... deep in his heart.........~ ^^
U-know: it's the opposite of what we see. Actually....
Jaejoong: no no...
Junsu: You really like changmin don't you!!
Jaejoong: i just.. i just thought of how while i'm in my room, changmin will suddenly just quietly open the door and come in unannounced.
Junsu:AH! like he's watching you
Jaejoong: yeah. like he's spying at me from behind^^
Junsu: that's true... he does do that...
U-know: but you started to get used to it didn't you? slowly and naturally started to like it?
Jaejoong: ahhh~
U-know: that's how u truly feel isn't it? ~~


Translated by : grizzlybeary @ soompi
re_up:2U Angels

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