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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

[VDO+Traslation]SME 2008 Global Auditions - DBSK Comments!^^

Yuchun Speaks English !! so cute

and the hug *die*

a short summary:
Hi, we're DBSK!
YH: it's been long time no see! We've gathered together today for a special reason.
JS: yes, sm entertainment's big audition time! SM Entertainment 2008 global audition will be held all over the world, incl. the U.S. and Canada.
JJ: oh~ global audition, a lot of people overseas must have been waiting for this. For those who'll be participating in this global audition, yoochun, please give an introduction in english~
YC: but it's been such a while!
JJ: it's ok. With confidence!
YC: OK, got it^^ hi, everyone, SM Entertainment will be holding 2008 Global Audition in the U.S. and Canada. We hope those who have been waiting for this opportunity will come and show us your talents.
JS: OK. Fittingly for a global audition, this will be held all over the u.s. and Canada. This time in Hawaii, too! And orange county, LA, Washington, DC. And, yoochun, where else?
YC: and New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver!
[aw, the hug~^^]
CM: yes, it'll be held from mid Sept. to late Oct. for more info, pls go to
YH: yes, we hope that many of you will bring your dreams and hopes to become great asian entertainers through sm entertainment 2008 global auditions. We hope for a lot of interest in the auditions.
DBSK will also be seeing you soon. [yay!] We'll continue to do our best.


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