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Friday, August 22, 2008

[Translation] Bigeastation 73~ Part 3~♥

to~ to~ to~ to to hoshinki bigeastation.

jaejung: this part is inform.first of all we make a DVD [3rd live tour2008 t~]
this spring's endday.there combine saitama super arena's aperance
please check that.and a-nation tohosinki we r join in all stage
detail info is write in a-nation official website.
and and. this program is wait from your message.message is inthe website
there r exist a mail part. click there broadcasting website address is toho's spelling is TOHO
landscapes collection r notice in the broadcasting website,please watch that.

tohosinki bigea station. how to express in korean language?

jaejung: this part is'how to express in korean language' corner
this corner is as like title, if you ask me in japaness language
we will tell to you in korean language, also today so many messages r here
yuchon: yeah~
changmin,yuchon: thank you!
jaejung: straight yuchon's turn
yuchon: changmin's turn
yuchon: changmin's turn would you start at first changmin?
changmin: oh no..impossible
jaejung: ah of course alright
well radioname yunoko. hello?
do you have a dog? i have a dog, i study korean language
so i want traning my dog in korean language
'ote','osuwari','matae' is basic language, how to express in korean language?
if use the other word in korea tell me about that
jaejung: it's analyse as like that
changmin: right.'ote'is hand?
changmin: osuwari
yuchon: sit down
changmin: 'matae'
yuchon,jaejung: wait
changmin: right, that is simple.
yuchon: ohhhhh
changmin: it's just own mean
jaejung: matae's mean is 'wait'(yuchon - wait)
changmin: osuwari is...?
yuchon: sit down!
changmin: 'ote'
yuchon: hand!
jaejung: osiri - 'hips'
yuchon: ohh no
jaejung: atama - 'head'
yuchon: not exist that order
well, one more order like this 'tabaetae'-'eat'
changmin: ah~~
jaejung: ah, really?
yuchon: yes, before i tell a 'eat' never eat anything
changmin: especially exist that order.
yuchon: that is basic order,maybe almost orders r same
jaejung: please introduce other mail yuchon.

yuchon: yes! this mail is from the radioname 'jaejuring'
hello tohosinki?
in the banquet japaness peoples r shout 'call'
like this words r exist there(korea)?
it's mean is drink drink drink as like this
how to express to korean language?
changmin: right
drink~ drink drink drink~drink drink
jaejung: melody is same
yuchon,changmin: right. drink drink drink
jaejung: that mean is same with korea but.
changmin: perfectly same with korea.
jaejung: that is this mean'drink'

yuchon: other is...
yuchon,changmin: one shot, one shot, one shot, one shot, one shot
yuchon: english mean is 'one shot'
changmin: mean is 'drink a alchol, to the bottom'
yuchon: like that feel is same, same melody is funny
changmin: really?
i never had a chance hear this sound'drink~drink~drink~'
jaejung: jajajaja
yuchon:hey that is real lie.
changmin: well jajajajaa
yuchon: jajajajaja
jaejung: would you introduce next radio name?
changmin: 'dangerous love'
hello tohosinki?
in the sky's lilic some part is '####?'
that is lovely title how to express in korean language?
junsu would you tell me?
changmin: ah? why it's junsu's turn?
jaejung: '####?'
okay, well first of all '####?' mean is hey
//*(it sentence is not exist in english,so i write 'hey''hey'//
// is best nearthat own mean sorry) //
//*(but that sentence is combine 'little shy' and'love') //
//*(i can't write japaness language and read sorry, //
// so if i can't read that part, i write like this ###) //
changmin: hey~
yuchon:hey~'##''##' is.'hey hi'
like this feeling
//*('hey hi' this sentence is combine love and shy)//
jaejung: hi? hey?
yuchon: hey~ hi
jaejung: yes that mean is '####'

changmin: why have to junsu?
jaejung: junsu...
changmin: voice of junsu..
jaejung: well please yuchon.
yuchon: in the korean language?
jaejung: h~e~y~ jajajaja(very charming voice)
changmin: yeah~~ like this feeling
jaejung: jajajajajajaja(laught of loud)
changmin:hey hi(very charming voice)
jaejung: jaja well today is like that

changmin: jajajajaja that was so cute(pretty)
that's alright whoevers r can't success always
yuchon: jajajajaja(laguh of pretty)

jaejung: how about today's"how to explain in korean language?'
would you pleas use today's korean language

yuchon: yeah!

jaejung: and if u want know other korean language send to us ur mail
we will wait ur mail
well tohosinki's last song.. is tohosinki's'love in the ice'

tohosinki bigea station

jaejung: tohosinki bigea station, it's time to end.
we wait ur message "i will wait ur answer"
"how to explain in korean languae?" "toho psychology"
and "love situation living you" we wait ur message
message to here..
yuchon: broadcast wesite is
in that site press mail part
toho's spelling is.. would you tell a that spelling chamico?
chamico: is.. T O H O
yuchon: jajajajaja gracias .i will wait ur so much message.

changmin: how about today?

changmin: today was too bad.

yuchon: jajajajaja jajajaja
jaejung: jajajajajajaja
changmin: well i'm so sorry to listners
yuchon: no.
chanmin's voice was not cute..
changmin: i'm....
jaejung: that was so terrible jajajajaja
*(changmin's chamico voice)

yuchon: but that was so funny
jaejung: i want hear that voice continually, chamico's fighting
changmin: no no
yuchon: can have a expectation.
changmin:junco is here, so i don't need
jaejung: okay (yuchon - huk) if chamico with junko aprrar with same drama
yuchon: someday.
changmin: no! i don't want
jaejung: i will wait that day, someday
changmin: no~ prefectly no
yuchon: yes.
todays end is this
see you later.
broadcast was..
member of tohosinki
jaejung with
yuchon and


*Please take out with full credits*
credits:dnbn +
English trans: Park Hyunkeun@2uangels.blogspot

*** *** *** *** ***

Thanks a lot big brother for the Translation ^0^
really you r the best ~♥ Fighting!!

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