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Friday, July 17, 2009

[TRANS] 090712 SCawaii! August Issue

Q: Your favourite music?
A: I’m into Avant right now. (T/N:

Q: Which part do you think you can’t understand most about girls?
A: Why do they have to wear a mini skirt and ride a bicycle at the same time? (laughs) I wouldn’t like my girlfriend to be like that.

Q: How do you think of SCawaii!’s models' attire?
A: Their attire isn’t bad, especially their makeup which makes them look cute, and their eyelashes are long. The eye makeup was fine; making their eyes looked big and bright.

Q: Trend in clothes?
A: Leather belt and accessories, etc. I like to use accessories to bring out my fashion sense. Before the spring turns warm, I always like to wear skinny jeans with boots.

Q: What are you into right now?
A: I like ball games; everyone played at his heart’s content. When we go back, we will wash up and eat a meal together.

Q: The music that you like?
A: I like hip-hop. There isn’t any specific artist that I like, from oldies to new songs, I like a wide range of music.

Q: Trend in clothes?
A: I like overcoats. A black overcoat with casual trousers, I had this combination very often.

Q: Introduce a sacred land for a date?
A: The Han River. At the river side, there is a garden and a store; it’s the best place to take a walk.


Q: Trend in clothes?
A: Often, I will be in T-shirts or polo shirts together with jeans.

Q: What do you think of SCawaii!’s models' attire?
A: Very charming. Compare to males, females had more styles, I envy that a lot.

Q: Introduce a sacred land for a date?
A: I introduce the N Seoul Tower. It can calm one’s emotions while on top, looking at the scenery.

Q: What’s a man?
A: Having a sense of a responsibility.

Q: What’s a man?
A: Having the ability to protect.

Q: Trend in clothes?
A: Leather jacket X cowboy outfit. There are still spectacles, even though my eyesight is great. I really like spectacles, therefore I’m collecting them.

Q: You sang the theme song for “One Piece,” do you like anime yourself?
A: I loved it, to the extent that once I watched the DVD, I have to stay up till it ended.


Q: Trend in clothes?
A: Slippers! I love slippers, to the extent that I still feel like wearing them even if its winter.

Q: The music that you like?
A: Recently, I really like instrumentals.

Q: What did you bought lately?
A: Things that I bought… Compared to clothing, I prefer accessories and daily appliances. Recently, I wanted to try out the red and black fashion, so I bought a red mirror and chair.

Q: The members say that Yoochun is a romanticist.
A: So embarrassing. (laughs) It might be because I always said “If I had a girlfriend, I would want to do this for her…” or it was because I’m the type who will do a lot of things for her.


- The members of DBSK live together.

- When the five of them were in a car together, Yuchun and Changmin will be choosing the songs. (If they were in a house, then all of them will have earpieces on)

- All the members like buying stuff, except Junsu.

- There isn’t a member who “claimed that he had excellent conditions, but wasn’t positive regarding relationships.” If we had to choose one, it will be Changmin. He always possesses a calm attitude, just by staring at his expression, and you won’t be able to guess what’s on his mind.

- Yunho lets us feel he is a steady fellow as a leader. However, in reality, he always knocks over the things on the table, and constantly losing his stuff and spoils them, having a muddled side of him.

- In DBSK, if we were to create a pretending-to-be-silly-and-吐槽* group, Junsu will be the one who’s pretending to be silly, and the offensive one will be Yuchun. It’s because Junsu is naturally silly, while Yuchun’s words were simple yet direct.

* 吐槽 is a slang used in Taiwan thus there weren’t an exact word in English; therefore, I’m using an example for this:

A: C is good looking
B: I don’t think so.

B is an example of the adjective.

Source: HEY!JJ
Translation: honeyiceblend @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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