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Monday, July 27, 2009

[TRANS] 090726 Onlystar Magazine

Tohoshinki in Oronamin C with Aya, using their acappella to touch everyone's hearts.

Together with Aya Ueto who is endorsing Oronamin C in 2009, they released the 2nd version of the advertisement, this time featuring Tohoshinki!
The group had just ended their Tokyo Dome Concert that lasted for two days on the 5th of July which is considered a big achievement for them. Last 7th of July, bringing along the excitement of being able to perform at the Tokyo Dome, they appeared onstage with Aya Ueto for a press conference on Oronamin C.

Because it was coming close to the Chinese Valentine's Day (T/N: The Japanese believe in that legend, too), Aya wore a kimono representing herself as the Weaver Girl, which also represents Oronamin C's color. After which, accompanied by the advertisement background music "Doush.ite~?" Tohoshinki appeared on the stage, wearing white suits.
And very quickly, everyone was shouting "We want to hear the full version!" Thus, with Jaejoong as the lead, everyone started the acappella. "Tohoshinki's live singing is just awesome!" Aya too gave a sigh of amazement for the boys' performance. Everyone at the press conference gave the boys a big round of applause.

This time, the advertisement is named the "Acappella Tohoshinki" version. In the office, Aya acts as an OL who was doing some copying. However, her copying failed and when her mood was really down, the wall that had Tohoshinki's poster on it collapsed and the five members of Tohoshinki suddenly appeared! Singing "Doumini coopere~ Why did you make a mistake while copying~?" this kind of acappella tries to encourage Aya to do better. The whole concept is just too funny.

At the press conference, they too showed their humorous side, showing that the members are really close. When being asked "To you, who's the best partner?" and Jaejoong immediately answered "(Tohoshinki) members!" and added "Ah! There's one more today! Oronamin C!" After hearing this, Yunho reacted immediately too, saying "Jaejoong said it all too well!"

And then, a question like "On a daily basis, what's the most embarrassing thing that happens?" made the members reveal some secrets. That made the people at the press conference laugh loudly.

This is the first time that the members of Tohoshinki are doing an advertisement in Japan. But they weren't radiating arrogance; instead, they showed everyone a comfortable and active side of them. They showed everyone their normal selves during the conference, which could be said is the most active press conference ever.

Q: This time, Aya Ueto acts as a OL making a mistake with photocopying. In your everyday lives, everyone must have done something that embarrassed them.
Yoochun: After watching the movie that Junsu recommended, I copied the hairstyle of the lead actor which was a failure.
Junsu: It wasn't that bad in the beginning, until he grew fat (laugh) which made it worse (laugh).
Yoochun: It was on that day when "Choosey Lover" was released in Japan.

Q: In fact, we have the picture from that time. Everyone, let's see.
Everyone: ....
Aya: I feel that it is still handsome!
Junsu: That's after~! During that time, it was okay!
Yoochun: That's... That's enough. (smiles bitterly)

Q: Below, Changmin's most embarrassing moments "Open Zip!"
Changmin: During live performances, because everyone was changing clothes quickly, sometimes, I would forget to zip up and I would go up the stage.
Jaejoong: It was a ballad song, but the fans didn't look at Changmin's face. Instead they were looking at the lower part of his... And they would smile secretly.
Junsu: They were pointing, too. (laugh)
Yunho: I feel that this made the fans love Changmin even more.

Q: Lastly, Junsu's chilling jokes (that make you shudder)
Yunho: Everytime Junsu makes an oyaji gag, I feel the whole place suddenly becoming cold. Then seeing Junsu's reaction after, which looked interesting, it makes us laugh.

Q: A few days ago at the Tokyo Dome, it seems like Junsu made an oyaji gag again.
Junsu: I didn't do it on purpose. (laugh)
Jaejoong: At the beginning, it was maybe just for our own entertainment. But after one night, riding on a bicycle, we met two policemen. "Ah~ Isn't this Tohoshinki? I always hear your songs! How about making that "ballpoint pen joke?" The policemen asked that of me. (laugh) Asking for a joke that Junsu made. (laugh)

Q: (laugh) Being said by everyone that "It's cold," Junsu must feel sad. How about having everyone sing a song to make him feel better?
Junsu: (immediately) It's okay!
(The other four members talk about it)
Jaejoong: Are you ready?
Junsu: (softly) Yes.
Jaejoong: Ready~!
The four members: Doumini coopere~ Junsu wants to tell a joke that would make people angry?
Jaejoong: Compared to singing to Aya-san, it was different (the feel). Facing Junsu to sing, there isn't much feeling in it...
Junsu: That's our teamwork! (laugh)

Source: Onlystar + ALWAYSJJ
Translation: mel @ ~ fin123 @ soompi
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


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