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Monday, December 29, 2008

[TRANS]Wrapping up 2008: Eight questions for DBSK - Junsu, Jaejoong, and Changmin

1.) Describe 2008 in one word, how was it?
Junsu: A year of achievement.
Jaejoong: A year of records.
Changmin: Activities!

2.) Greatest memory of 2008?
Junsu: Arena Tour
Jaejoong: First Arena Tour
Changmin: First Arena Tour

3.) When you felt happiest in 2008?
Junsu:When MIROTIC reached #1 in Japan and Korea.
Jaejoong: Reaching #1 on Oricon chart.
Changmin: This isn't necessarily 2008, but I feel happiness whenever I am up on stage singing.

4.) Time you were most frustrated/felt like you were suffering/annoyed/etc. in 2008?
Junsu: Flying back and forth from Japan to Korea at the end of the year, it was kind of hard.
Jaejoong: There wasn't a time when I was suffering/frustrated^^
Changmin: It's already the end of year.I was happy that our schedules were busy, but because there were traveling/moving around so much, we had to keep healthy.

5.) What is something you wanted to do in 2008 but didn't get a chance to?
Junsu: I did everything I wanted to do.
Jaejoong: If we had had a break, I wanted to travel/vacation somewhere...T_T
Changmin: I really want to learn how to swim.

6.) Tell us what you did when you weren't busy in 2008!
Junsu: There was a restaurant I frequented long ago, and for the first time in five years, I was able to meet with all my family to eat and talk. [TN: such an awkward translations...T_T apologies!]
Jaejoong: There isn't much time when we're not busy, so I compose whenever there is a break.
Changmin: I was able to go up to the mountains with friends, it felt good.

7.) Words/phrase you used most in 2008!
Junsu: Charisma
Jaejoong: Thank you
Changmin: Well~

8.) Tell us your goal for 2009!
Junsu: I would like to a live performance of solely DBSK at the dome.
Jaejoong: I would like to create a song in which people say, "Oh this is a really good song."
Changmin: I would like to grow myself nonstop.

source: dbskkorean
credit: DNBN
shared by: DBSKNights

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