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Sunday, December 21, 2008

[TRANS]TOHOSHINKI Yomiuri Popstyle Blog


★ First she wrote about how Toho boys immediately sat at their usual position as they walked close to the interview table.

She wanted to start the interview, but then she realized there were only 4 boys! Who’s left? It’s Mr. Junsu. As she turned around to search for him, she saw Junsu was still walking slowly, greeting “Hello!” “Hello!” to every staffs, while the other fours kept teasing him (T/N I’m not sure) from far. This scene finally broke up the ice and the interview atmosphere turned very loose.

★ About the cameraman wanted to take photo of the boys… actually Popstyle magz planned something about Toho boys taking pictures in Merry Christmas theme, but then due to their tight schedule they couldn’t manage to do it. Thus, they changed the theme… and how Changmin was so excited to see a small bag full of props: “Cracker waahah ♪ー! Crackersー! Comeー!!”. So they took photo with those crakers.

★ Lastly the blog tells something about a hairdresser who said “JUNSU hair! It’s like a soccer player’s style, (Francessco) Totti!”. The members had a hearty laugh on this.

>> Toho boys also signed a 2009 calendar which you can get for registering here (SSL enabled) and here (non-SSL)


★ Talking about how recently Toho boys are so interested to the beauty of Japanese honorifics. Yunho said, “because it’s the first time we learned Japanese honorifics”. Yoochun said, “We often talk to our friends and staffs with Japanese honorifics.”

★ South Korea and Japan has different way of work in its entertainment industry.

Changmin said, “In South Korea, right after we do a promotion, an album or single is immediately out, while in Japan, we have to do one month promotion before the album/single releases.” then Jaejoong continued, “In South Korea, we stick to one album promotion for about six months.”. Junsu added, “It was difficult for us to get used to. “

★ Here they’re talking about how amazing it was to collaborate with their senior, Koda Kumi. Chang Min, “It was the first time we collaborate with a Japanese senior! Feels so good!” and Yunho said also, “It was a surprise. Japanese star!”.

By the appearance of a woman artist, the dance is different from the usual.

Jaejoong explained, “The five of us were always free to do whatever dance style that we think it’s good. But if a woman artist in the middle … We’re a bit confused with the timing”. Yunho said, “I used to be in the middle in Tohoshinki’s dance formation, so being replaced with Koda Kumi’s style which is also great, it’s really good.”

source: sharingyoochun
credit: Yomiuri Blog + DNBN
rough translated by: sharingyoochun
posted by:bubbletea89@AF

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