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Sunday, December 28, 2008

[TRNAS] JJ-Yc- Js' Message 5th debut Anniversary Party

JJ's Message

저희가 무슨생각을 하고있는지… 다 똑같이 생각 하시는 거 같아요.
What we are thinking… I think we’re all really thinking the same thing.

저희는 저희입장만 생각하고 있는데,
We’re only thinking of ourselves,

뭐, 우리가 일본가서 우리가 보고 싶었고 우리가 기다리게 하는거고 그러니까 우리가 미안한거고.
We go to Japan, we miss you, we ask you to wait, so we’re the ones that are sorry.

우리마음을 반대로.. 보내서 미안하고, 기다리지 못해서 미안하고, 잊을까봐 힘들어하고.
Our feelings reversed.. We’re sorry for leaving, we’re sorry for not being able to wait, worried that we may be forgotten.

저희도 그랬지만, 저희도 잊혀질까봐 많이 고민했었는데..
We were like that too, but we were really worried that we would be forgotten..

없으면 아마.. 못할거같아요.
If we didn’t have you.. we couldn’t have done it.

계속 기다려주실거죠?
Will you continue to wait for us?

이런말까지 하면 안되지만, 미친듯이 기다려주세요.
I know we shouldn’t keeping asking you of this, but please wait for us like crazy.

그리고 이제 계속 정말정말 열심히 할거고, 이제 5년됬잖아요.
We will work really, really hard, it’s now our fifth year.

활동끝날려면 20년은 남은것 같구요, 계속 기다려주실거죠?
For us to wrap up our activities, I think there are 20 years left, you’ll continue waiting for us, right?

서로 느끼고 있었던것, 많은분들이 동방신기는 이럴거다 라고 했던거 저희가 이럽니다 라고 이야기 했던 것보다
The feelings we all felt, many people said that DBSK was going to be like this and rather than us having said that we were going to be a certain way

정말 10배 100배 많이 걱정했고, 그것때문에라도 기다리고 있는 여러분들 때문에라도 더욱 더 열심히 하자,
We worried ten times, a hundred times more, thinking we should work harder and harder for those waiting for us

그리고 이렇게 좋아해주고 기다려주는데 어디가서 우리를..
And liking us and waiting for us like, and going somewhere..

우리는 카시오페아 때문에 욕먹는 일은 없었거든요?
There was never a time when we were cursed at because of Cassiopeia?

그런데 카시오페아는 우리때문에 욕먹는게 저는 정말 싫었어요.
But I really hated it when Cassiopeia is cursed at because of us.

정말로 너무나 싫었고, 그래서 일본에서 정말 죽자고자 열심히 했었던 것 같아요.
I really hated it, so I think we worked as if it was ‘Live or Die’ in Japan.

그리고 만약에 누군가가 저한테 니 손으로 마음대로 할수있는 무언가를 주겠다고 한다면
And if someone said to me that I could wish for anything in my heart’s desire
(TN: What he says about being offered a wish stops there, so I think he means he would make it so the fans didn’t have to wait.)

여러분은 이자리에서 계속 기다린다고 하는데, 저는 기다리게 하는게 싫어요.
Sitting in front of me, you tell me that you will wait, but I hate making you do so.

어디에서든 좋은 성과 나타내서, 그 성과를 여러분들에게 다시 되돌려드리는게 저희들의 가장 큰 일이라고 생각하고
Wherever we go, I think the best thing we can do for you is to accomplish the most we can and give it to you

솔직히 자기가 좋아하는 가수가 누구한테는 “아, 너 그가수 좋아해? 쪽팔려.” 이런 이야기 들으면 슬퍼지는데..
Truthfully, when one’s favorite artist embarks comments like “Oh, you like that singer? How embarrassing.” I became sad..

그래서 저희 정말 열심히 할거고, 앞으로 더 열심히 할수있게 계속 도와주실거죠?

So, we’re going to work really hard, and for us to work that much harder, you will help us, right?
계속 기다려주세요, 믿고 정말 열심히 하겠습니다.
Please continue waiting for us, we will trust you and work even harder.

Source: DNBN
VDO: ukisima+deevinne@youtube

Yuchun's Message [EngSub]

TRANS: Xiahfan-
VDO:Ukisima+ farahmicky@youtube

Junsu's Message


First, really... Thank you. Yeah, the video made me think and feel a lot of things...

You know, just as [the video] said, truthfully... on the inside, all five of us, we were all.. a lot more worried than we ever presented ourselves through media or interviews. We were very insecure because..well.. one year and seven months, honestly, I didn't think much of it. I did not consider it a long period. I thought, "just one year and seven months..." but in actuality, I realized it was actually a quite lengthy hiatus. Because first of all, the people around us, they'd tell us... other people would make us think that way. All of us. we'd say to ourselves... like, 'How much will our album sell?' 'Will we really be able to rank #1?' To be honest, I might have just realized this now, for the first time I thought... just because we do our best, does not mean it will be enough. It was always the same. In inteviews and articles, they'd compare us...

there were so many [articles] like that. But this is what we always thought, it hasn't changed... we may not know how long our fans have waited for us, and we may not know to what extent they'll accept us, first thing first, in this situation, putting aside the question of whether we can be the top or not, the only thing we set out for was... "on this stage, let's make it clear that 'THIS' is DBSG." (it's not translating well, but he means that they wanted the fans to be able to know and feel that who they were seeing was DBSG... that they have not changed) Moreover, the fans were able to wait for us, more than we could have hoped, so I'd like to take this opporunity to say thank you once again.

The year 2008.. for us... starting from January, there were many tasks ahead of us... well first, we knew that towards the end of 2008 we'd debut... I mean come back to Korea. There were many obstacles... such as, preparing an album worthy of the 1 year and 7 months, and the burden (more like... an obligation or feeling of duty) to [rank first] on the weekly oricon before leaving, to the arena tour...etc. But I think that 2008 has been a year in which all that we wished for... came true. And I think that this year was full of happiness and was one that I'll never forget, thanks to you guys (here, he gives credit to Cassies for all their fulfilled wishes). Thank you very much.

TRANS:cloud @ soompi

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