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Friday, December 26, 2008

[AUDIO] TVXQ- Debut 5th Anniversary Special Party

Junsu crying and Jae's Confession & tears

영상을 보셨는데요 어떠셨어요 ~? 동방신기 여러분 , 준수씨가 눈물을 흘리고 계세요 아하하 어떠셨어요 ~
You saw the video, how was it ~? Dong Bang Shin Ki members, Junsu is crying at the moment Ahaha, how was it ~

팬들 : 울지마 울지마
Fans: Dont cry, dont cry

재중 : 너무 고마운데 하아 예 아 영상에 저희 모습이 나왔고 나왔던 문구들이 되게 저희가 느꼈던 똑같이 견디는 상황에서
Jaejoong: Were very thankful ah yeh ah We were in the video and the phrases in the video were exactly what we were feeling at the time

그래 뭐 또 다시 기다려야 되는 상황이 오겠죠 이런말에서 저희도 일년 7개월만에 컴백을 했을때도 사실 속으로는 되게 많이
Well, there will be another time where we ask them to wait thinking that, when we made our comeback after a year and seven months, we truthfully had a lot of

불안한 걱정하는게 많았어요, 계속 이렇게 기다려줄까 하고 주변에서 가끔 인터넷 들어가서 다른 팬분들이 그런말 하시잖아요
anxious worries, Will they continue to wait for us and people around us often went on the internet and other fans say stuff like

어차피 동방신기 또 일본 갈건데 ..걔네 좋아해서뭐해?근데 그런말들이
DBSK will just leave for Japan again.. Whats the point in liking them?but those kinds of words

우리로서는 마음속으로 기다려주세요 기다려주세요 제발 기다려주세요
Inside our hearts Wait, wait, please wait for us

저희 거기서도 열심히 하고있고 여기서도 열심히 하고있으니깐, 기다려주세요 하면
Were working hard over there and working hard over here, so wait for us

이렇게 마음속으로 생각하고있는데.기다려주시면 (그리고.막울었어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ)
Like that Were always thinking like that inside.If you wait (Then.He starts cryingㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ)

팬들 : 울지마 울지마
Fans: Dont cry, dont cry

Credits. dnbn +


Singing Happy Birthday Together

Saranghae Cassiopeia

Fan's Love Song

credits: jaejoongiefied@youtube

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