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Friday, January 22, 2010

[TRANS] 100122 JJ Magazine - March 2010 - "The Very Best Of Tohoshinki" Interview

VALENTINE SPECIAL - The Very Best Of Tohoshinki!
Telling you everything you want to know~ Tohoshinki's 100 Q&A

Q. Can you tell us what you think about your first BEST ALBUM, which will be released on 17 February?

Yunho: This best album includes many good songs from our debut days until now... it contains a countless number of our memories. Through this album, you can feel every small bit of growth that Tohoshinki made! It is literally the essence of Tohoshinki.

Changmin: The past 5 years of our activities in Japan are all recorded in this album. The members trying their very best, and the fans giving their support... Everytime I listen to these songs, a lot of memories come to mind. This is a compilation of best works that we are most confident of.

Jejung: I can confidently say that this is our best album! Up until now, we've been working in Japan for 5 years, and in between, it'
s a fact that Tohoshinki has grown, and this growth is all thanks to the support of our fans. Everyone, thank you so much.

Yuchun: Through this album, we can re-live all the past activities that we did, so it's an album that is very important to us. Our hearts are filled with all these precious memories and emotions. These 5 years passed by in a flash, yet it was also fulfilling. I hope that our fans can listen to this album.

Junsu: This is Tohoshinki's first best album. It is a "5 years of memories" compilation of Tohoshinki's lives in Japan. I hope that the people who listen to this album will feel Tohoshinki's growth, as well as the message that we are trying to send to everyone.


Q. Do you have any Valentine's Day memories?
I guess... I started receiving chocolates ever since high school. (laugh)

Q. If you want to go on a date in Japan, where would you go?
It would be most comfortable to go to a hot spring.

Q. If you want to confess to a girl you like, do you think telling her through a phone call or text message would be better?
I will confess when I meet her.

Q. Did you buy anything recently?
I bought a small bag that I carry around daily.

Q. What is something that will make you feel troubled if you don't have it?

Q. How many text messages do you send daily?
About 10 I guess.

Q. Japanese cuisine that you like and dislike?
I like Yakisoba (T/N: fried noodles). I dislike Kusaya (T/N: salted dried fish/fermented fish), which I ate during a "Punishment Game" on a TV programme.

Q. Something you will definitely do as you go about your day?
Relax leisurely.

Q. The best way to relax, to relieve stress is?
Spend 3~5 hours watching funny programmes that I recorded, and laugh without thinking about anything.

Q. A movie you like?
I like "Love Story".

Q. Do you drink alcohol? If you do, how much can you drink? (T/N: His level of alcohol tolerance.)
I love sake! (T/N: Japanese rice wine) I can drink really well~

Q. Something that surprised you recently?
Before this when I came to Japan, I was told that it was the coldest day of the year that day, but I thought to myself that it was actually quite warm. It's because it is really cold in Korea.

Q. What do you think accounts for the "loveable" factor of Japanese females? Also, the "loveable" factor for Korean females?
Japanese girls have high-pitched voices that are a little nasally, so it feels very cute. They give off thise cute image. Korean girls have beautiful skin.

Q. What's a good thing about Japanese fans?
They come to concerts as a whole family. We're really happy when we see that.

Q. A song you must sing when you go to the Karaoke?
It's embrassing to sing Tohoshinki's songs, so I don't sing those. I usually sing Korean artist Shin Seung Hun's songs.

Q. Is there something that is precious to you?
My diary that I write in everyday before I go to sleep. I started keeping it 3 years ago.

Q. A Japanese word that you remember recently?
「バツイチ」 (T/N: "Batsuichi": Someone who has been divorced once) Because I acted as someone like that in a drama...(laugh)

Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
If I'm a girl, I'd definitely read JJ regularly.

Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
For fashion, I like mini-skirts. For hairstyle, I like long hair that gives of a neat and classy image.

Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers!
Last year, there was the spread of influenza so it was terrible. This year, take care of yourself and let's support the World Cup!


Q. Do you have any Valentine's Day memories?
Last year, my brother's girlfriend gave me one tiny piece of chocolate.
It was painful, but I was happy. (laugh)

Q. Is there any gesture that females make that you think is "loveable"? The gesture that attracts you?
I like to see them washing up or without make up, which is rare. I don't really like it if they use vulgarities.

Q. What is the thing that makes you go 「キュン♥」 when girls talk to you? (T/N: makes your heart race)
When they compliment me on a song that I created.

Q. Food that you want the person you like to make for you?
Home-cooked food, things like miso soup with tofu...

Q. Where did you go for your first date?
The road that is the return route from school to my girlfriend's house.

Q. When your in love, are you the devoted type (T/N: sticky) or indifferent type?
Whether it's contacting or meeting up, I'm the devoted type.

Q. Do you change your attitude in front of girls?
In front of my girlfriend, I do, because I want to show my true self.

Q. Your dreams when you were a child?
A basketball player or car racer.

Q. A part of your own body that you like?
I love my wide forehead. You can even play soccer on this forehead! (Editor's note: For heading)
(T/N: Yuchun meant that his forehead is big enough for you to play soccer on it, but the Editor misinterpreted it.)

Q. Something you absolutely have to do or somewhere you must go when you come to Japan?
Ramen shop.

Q. The good things about Japan, America and Korea?
For Japan,the food is delicious no matter what it is!
America is a country with a lot of freedom.
Korea is where I live together with my family.

Q. You performed Taekwondo (T/N: Korean martial art) in front of the Korean President before, what was it that got you started?
I started learning it when I joined the Scouts in Third Grade.

Q. What's the latest fashion you've gotten into?
Ugg boots style!

Q. What kind of accessory do you always wear?
A silver present that I received from my younger brother. It's my amulet.

Q. Right now, is there anything that you are collecting?
Plates. Although I can't cook, it makes me feel good when I see pretty plates. I buy the plates and give them to my mother as a present.

Q. What is a Japanese word that you remember recently?
「ご机嫌うるわしゅう」 (T/N: A very proper way of greeting someone)

Q. A song you must sing in the Karaoke?
Masaharu Fukuyama's 「最愛 」 (T/N: "Saiai": Beloved)

Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
The photography seems to be really difficult.

Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
I like the simple and natural pants style. For hairstyle, I think it's better if it the style suits the person, but basically, as long as it's not too complicated.

Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers!
Valentine's Day is already coming soon?? (laugh) 「ご机嫌うるわしゅう」


Q. Any memories of Valentine's Day?
In high school, a girl who was 5 years older confessed to me with hand-made chocolate and a letter. Because it's the first time I received a confession from an older girl and I was still a kid, I politely rejected her.

Q. What kind of female fashion or clothes that allow them to exude their charms make you go "She's irresistable wearing that!"?
White style. I like the intellectual and elegant style.

Q. When a girl removes her make up and you think - this is someone else! Have you experienced that?
Even if she shows me her natural face, it's fine. I like it best when they show their natural faces. But I also like the various looks girls create when they wear make up.

Q. What fetish do you have when it comes to girls?
Eyes. When I talk to anyone, I will always look at that person's eyes. I'm not sure what makes me go "Her eyes are pretty", but I'll feel it when her eyes are conveying pretty feelings.

Q. What do you think of aggressive women?
Because I like wild girls, I think it's good if they are aggressive.
Although I'm the type that leads, when it's just the 2 of us, I want my girlfriend to lead me!

Q. Songs that you want girls to sing at the Karaoke?
Hideaki Tokunaga's "Rainy Blue" and James Ingram's "Just Once".

Q. The first thing you do when you reach home?
I'll take a Japanese bath, and recently I've also been listening to music or reading a book for about 50 minutes while I'm at it.

Q. What kind of sleeping style do you have?
Dark blue or pink jersey. If it's pink, I'll definitely wear spectacles.

Q. Something you like and dislike about your own personality?
I like that I'm forward-looking and dislike that I'm so forgetful. I keep losing my things and it makes me even more forgetful.

Q. When you where a kid, what kind of child were you?
I was very active and adventurous! There was once I went hiking with my friends and we forgot the road back so everyone ended up crying.

Q. If you have to describe yourself as an animal?
According to my friends, I'm a passionate leopard.

Q. If you could only bring one thing to an uninhabited island, what would you bring?
I'll bring a knife to keep a diary on the trees or walls.

Q. In 2009, you had your first drama in Korea. How was it?
It was a really good time. I got to do something that was different from usual. There were similarities between the character I portrayed and myself, so I felt that doing the drama also allowed me to grow.

Q. You seem to be fascinated with 4-letter idioms. 4-letter idioms that you like?
前代未聞 (T/N: Unprecedented) 自画自賛 (T/N: Singing one's own praises) 一石二鳥 (T/N: Killing two birds with one stone)

Q. The most effective way to remember words from a foreign language?
Watch dramas, and talk a lot with the staff who are familiar with those terms.

Q. Is there someone you respect a lot?
My father. I think he looks really cool when I see him doing his best in his life. My father always tells me, "Don't ever forget that you're standing here today because of the supportive staff around you and the fans who cheer you on." I always keep my father's words in my heart.

Q. If you didn't enter the entertainment industy, what do you think you'd be?
My childhood dream, probably a prosecutor.

Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
I'd be happy if we had this kind of men's magazine! For people of our generation, we like to use fashion to portray our characters and personalities, so if we had this kind of magazine, I'd definitely study it!

Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
I think the knitted one-piece (T/N: dress) is cute. I like straight, long hair.

Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers!
A new year has begun. Forget all the regretful things and bad memories that happened last year, and let's make new and exciting memories. Also, it's going to be Valentine's Day soon, please have a good time with the person that you really like.


Q. Any memories of Valentine's Day?
When I was in Third Grade, I received an amazing number of chocolates! Because I was so surprised, I remember that I received 47 chocolates.

Q. For Valentine's, would you rather receive hand-made chocolates or store-bought chocolates?
If they were hand-made, I'd be really touched!

Q. If a girl confessed to you on Valentine's, what could she say that would make you really happy?
If she told me straight "Can I be your girlfriend?"

Q. Are you the type that will give girls surprise presents?
I'll do it! For the sake of my girlfriend only, I'll give her a song as a present.

Q. If you have any dating course, please tell us.
Chatting while drinking coffee at a place where we can see the sea or river, with only the 2 of us there. Because I want the time to spend the time leisurely with the person I like...

Q. If we're talking about Junsu, it's definitely oyaji gags. Please tell us any recent oyaji gag that you like.
Actually... recently, I've sealed all the oyaji gags. (laugh)

Q. When you wake up in the morning, what's the first thing you do?
Drink water!

Q. The first CD you ever bought?
When I was in elementary school, I bought H.O.T's CD, a traditional group from Korea. (T/N: I have no idea why he said traditional either ==;; )

Q. The song you must sing at the Karaoke?
Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love Of All".

Q. Sports you like?
Baseball and soccer. Even now, I still play baseball, so I'm teaching Yuchun. I wish Yuchun would work harder to learn! (laugh)

Q. A dish you would recommend from Korean cuisine?
My favourite Gamjatang. (T/N: Spicy pork bone soup)

Q. Is there something that is precious to you?
Passport. Because we keep flying to and fro between Korea and Japan, it would be really troublesome if I lost it.

Q. The Japanese word that you use the most?
「まあまあ」 (T/N: "maamaa" = so-so)

Q. If tomorrow is the end of the world, what would you do? Also, what would you eat?
I want to keep singing. The last thing I want to eat (Editor's note: without any hesitation) "Hitsumabushi" (T/N: Grilled eel on rice)

Q. Your motto?
Keep going forward.

Q. Please tell us what you thought when you first came to Japan.
I felt that there was a strong sense of fashion and character.

Q. What's your favourite place in Japan? Also, what kind of place do you like?
Odaiba. Although it's a city center, you can see the sea and the beach. I like places with natural scenery best.

Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
It's full of cute girls~ (laugh)

Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
For fashion, I like coordinated outfits that consist of beige, off-white and other soft colors. For hair, I like the lady-like, light and airy style.

Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers!
Please spend Valentine's Day with a guy you like. If you don't have one... Can't it be me!? (laugh)


Q. Any memories of Valentine's Day?
When I was in Elementary School I received many things from girls, but after that, it seemed like I never received anything from anyone aside from fans!

Q. A birthday present you received that made you really happy?
Keyboard. Even now, I use that keyboard when I'm composing songs.

Q. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I do! But I won't make the first move.

Q. Do you have any wish to get married?
Yes. I wish to get married before I'm 28~

Q. Do you like to woo the person you like, or be wooed by the person you like?
If I'm the one who liked her first, I would also want her to love me back.

Q. I heard that compared to looking at a girl's face, you look at her hands first. Do you also look at her nails? What kind of nails do you like?
I don't like nails that are too complicated. I like fingers that are slender and long.

Q. What would you do if the girl you like is feeling down?
Usually I don't like to have long phone conversations or send long text messages, but if she was feeling down, I'd do my best to do it.

Q. The biggest failure recently?
Before we came to Japan this time, I wanted to compose a song, but I started drinking halfway through... In the end, I got dead drunk and didn't complete the song... and just came to Japan like that.

Q. The number one thing that made you really happy?
It was when I went drinking like I mentioned in Q88 (T/N: the question above), 10 of us male friends got together. As we usually spend the end of the year in Japan, I was really happy to be able to attend a bōnenkai in Korea.
(T/N: "bōnenkai" = a drinking party held amongst colleagues or friends at the end of the year, and it's meant to forget the troubles of the past year)

Q. I heard that you're good at cooking, what is your specialty?
As long as it's Korean cuisine, I can do all of it!

Q. Please tell us the artist and song that you've taken to recently.
m-flo's "Yours only/Lies".

Q. What is the thing that makes you happy when you do it?
When I have a week's holiday and I spend all of it at home. I'll sit on the sofa and watch TV and movies, drink alcohol... When I'm doing nothing and I can completely relax, that makes me happy.

Q. If you had to describe yourself in one sentence?
Yes~ I can use any example? The falling "rain", which can be weak yet strong.

Q. A recommended spot in Korea for tourists?
Korea's famous river, the Han River.

Q. If your schedule for tomorrow is suddenly cancelled, what would you do?
Because I always have to consider our schedule and it limits our time spent eating, so if that happened, I would go and eat without any worries.

Q. If you had to pick something as your "treasure"?

Q. What do you think accounts for the "loveable" factor of Japanese females? Also, the "loveable" factor for Korean females?
I think Japanese girls are cute with their curly curls. On the other hand, Korean girls have really lustrous black hair, and I think it's pretty.

Q. Please tell us what you think after seeing JJ.
Unfortunately, I bought it! (laugh) I've been studying the use of colours for my own fashion.

Q. In JJ, what kind of female fashion and hairstyle do you like?
Pants or skirts are okay, but I like the lady-like, casual style. For hairstyle, I like those that give them lady-like silhouettes.

Q. Lastly, a word to JJ readers
This is Jejung. I am also JJ! Please give me chocolates!♥

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[TRAD] Revista JJ - Edición de Marzo - "The Very Best of Tohoshinki {Lo mejor de Tohoshinki}" Entrevista

Mañana estare subiendo las partes de JJ y Junsu!! ^^
El estilo que habla chunnie es de este tipo de botas, las que ha estado usando las ultimas veces que lo vimos en el aeropuerto^^

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