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Thursday, February 4, 2010

[TRANS] 100203 Another One! Caused By TVXQ!

TVXQ Song Writer Won Japan Record Taisho (Award) Two Consective Years!

"Meeting TVXQ Is MY Greatest Pleasure!"

Summerized Translation:
Barks News:
ラムジ : 2010-02-03

Shinjiro Inoue wrote TVXQ’s two songs, “ Domini coopere Kimiwo Sukininatte Shimattandaro” in 2008,
and “Stand By U” in 2009. And with these two TVXQ songs,
he won Japan Record Award (Taisho) for two consecutive years!

At Japan Record Award which was held on January 29th, 2010 at TBS, Inoue said,

“For me to meet such a wonderful artist "TVXQ" is my greatest pleasures as a song writer and as a fan of TVXQ!”

He himself is a singer and he asked TVXQ fans if he can sing "Stand By U" in the future and the fans said yes! to him. ^^

T/N: Inoue won Japan Record Award’s excellent song writers award two consecutive years by writing TVXQ’s songs.
And he gives full credit to TVXQ and claim to be TVXQ fan himself. ^^

Always Keep The Faith!

Source Credit: Barks NEWS
Translated by:
Shared by: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Spanish Translation / Traducción al Español

[TRAD] 100203 Otro más! Causado por TVXQ!

"Conocer a TVXQ es Mi Mayor Gusto!"

Traducción Resumida:
Barks News:
ラムジ : 2010-02-03

Shinjiro Inoue escribió dos canciones para TVXQ,“ Domini coopere Kimiwo Sukininatte Shimattandaro” en 2008,
and “Stand By U” en 2009. Y con estas dos canciones de TVXQ, ganó Japan REcord Award (Taisho) por dos años consecutivos!

En Japan Record Awards el cual fue llevado a cabo el 29 de enero, 2010 en TBS, Inoue dijo,

"Para mí haber conocido a tan maravilloso artista como "TVXQ" es mi mayor placer como un compositor de canciones y como un fan de TVXQ"

Él mismo es un cantante y le pregunto a los fans de TVXQ si podia cantar "Stand by U" en el futuro y los fans le dijeron sí! ^^

And he gives full credit to TVXQ and claim to be TVXQ fan himself. ^^
N/T: Inoue ganó excelente compositor de canciones de Japan Record Award, por dos años consecutivos escribiendo canciones de TVXQ.

Fuente: Barks NEWS
Trad al Ingles:
Trad al Español:
Compartido por: {One World.One Red Ocean.One TVXQ!}+ 2uAngels

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