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Monday, July 26, 2010

[Project] SMTown Tour ’10 LA Event for Yunho and Changmin

*Para las Chicas que vayan al SMTown Tour '10 en Los Angeles ~

Ngoc Nguyen Note:

First off, I just wanted to thank all of you for supporting this project. n___n After reading all the comments on your blogs, I took everyone’s concerns into consideration and decided to change the chorus into Japanese so that Yunho and Changmin will have no doubt that we are singing for them.



Most of you have probably heard about the current situation with DBSK. At the coming SMTown Tour in L.A., we (Cassies) wanted to let Yunho and Changmin, along with the rest of DBSK know that we still believe in them. We are planning on singing them a fanmade song my friend and I wrote during one of the breaks at the concert. We’ll need a lot of people to help sing so that the song can be heard by Yunho and Changmin backstage so please do spread the word. ^^ This is not only for Cassies, we hope that fans of all groups could join and help in making this event successful. We thank everyone in advance.

Spanish Translation / Traducción al Español

Nota de Ngoc Nguyen:


En primer lugar, solo quería agradecer a todos ustedes por apoyar este proyecto. n__n Despues de leer todos los comentarios en sus blogs, tomé las preocupaciones de todos en consideración y decidí cambiar el coro en Japones y así Yunho y Changmin no tendran duda que estamos cantando por ellos.



La mayoría probablemente han escuchado acerca de la situación actual con DBSK. En el prócimo SM Town tour en LA, nosotras (cassies) queremos hacerles saber a Yunho y Changmin, junto con el resto de DBSK que aún creemos en ellos. Estamos planenado cantarles un canción hecha por mi amiga y yo (la escribimos), durante uno de los descansos del concierto. Necesitamos muchas personas para ayudarla a cantar así para que la canción pueda ser escuchada por Yunho y Changmin en el backstage así que por favor corran la voz ^^ Esto no es solamente para las Cassies, esperamos que los fans de todos los grupos puedan unirse y ayudar en hacer este evento exitoso. Agrademos a todos de ante mano.

Here is a demo (click the pic):

Here are the lyrics:
(Letra de la canción aquí:)

[Verse One]
Six years have passed since we first met you
and now you’re struggling,
each day harder than the last
As we sit and watch the tension growing,
the light is fading,
but we know it will come back

No matter what they may say
no matter what they may say
We will always keep the faith
we will always keep the faith
めくる毎日に 祈り続けよう
mekuru mainichi ni inori tuzukeyo
yakusoku suru yo
Never will we let it fade away
never will we let it fade away
hon tou no omoi
shinji ae ru yo

[Verse Two]
If someday you end up trapped in a maze
unsure of where you are,
just know we’re one step behind.
We are still here waiting for your return
all the fans united
in keeping the faith.


Five stars shining in the sky
You’re our light, our hope, our love
No one can ever take your spot
In our hearts,
you’re irreplaceable
Unforgettable~ Oh~ Whoa~


Always Keep the Faith!

Also, to those who are planning on going to the concert and planning on participating in this project, we will need help from people to pass out lyrics at the concert. If you could come early, please contact me through my email address and we can plan a meet up before the concert.
To those who are unable to attend and would like to help support this project, our goal is to print 10000 copies of the lyrics to pass out before the concert. If you’ll like to donate, please contact me though my email address. Even just $1 dollar will print enough copies for 10 people. Please help make this project successful. (:

También, para aquellos que estan planeando ir al concierto y en participar en este proyecto, necesitaremos ayuda de la persona para pasar la letra en el concierto. Si pudieran venir temprano, por favor contactenme a través de mi correo electronico y podamos planear una reunion antes del concierto.
Para aquellos que no son capaces de atender y les gustaría ayudar a apoyar este proyecto, nuestro objetivo es imprimir 10000 copias de la letra para pasarla antes del concierto. Si les gustaría donar, por favor contacteme a través de mi correo. Incluso con solo $1 imprimiría las copias suficientes para 10 personas. Por favor ayuden a hacer este proyecto exitoso. (:

by: Ngoc Nguyen
contact her directly at:


Nadiah said...

Can we use this song to sing because we can't go there??? i'm trying to gather all fan around the world and sing together.. maybe we can make a video to show our support to them hope you reply..

Debbie said...

Hello (^^) that is a great idea!! Actually we didn't create this project, we're just spreading this~ But if you want, we can contact her and tell her about your idea (^^)
I'll wait for your reply!!

Nadiah said...

yup!! i really want too...plz!!!

Debbie said...

Hi Nadiah!
Could you give me your email please, so we can be in contact :)
this is mine:
and this from the blog

hope see you soon !

Nadiah said...

Hi Debbie~~
Ooh... ok
this is mine
sorry coz mine is long.. :)

Debbie said...

done :D

Nadiah said...

me too... :]

LatinCassiopeia said...

omg so cute ially luv the song ToT i pray 4 u guys with all my heart cz in dominican and i cant go there, but i hope u make it! can i sing this song?!! O.o i mean i wanna traduced the song into spanish ,can i?! and sorry 4 my very bad english ^.^ ,plz writte me or in my blog. let me know plz!!!